Thursday, May 6, 2010

High School: Freedom from Boredom

Guys, It is proven that high school life is the most enjoyable part of every person's life. High School is the place where it all began.. the fun, excitement, thrill and most of all the experience that we encountered. For me, the first two years of being a high school I experienced being home schooled. At first, It was good but for the succeeding year, i came to the point that I should go back to the country where I belong. So I told my parents, that I will leave the country (TH) and go to my native country to continue my studies, up to now.

HSchool Life: 3rd Year

Jade Softball Elite Team.

Yeah. High School is Fun!

OK. My 3rd year life was a little bit uncomfortable, well, at least not being covered by 4 corners of your home. My classmates didn't even recognize me because I changed alot. After that, I change my lifestyle. The "thing" that pushed me down in 3rd year, that I was the leader of our Investigatory Project and that was my first assignment as a leader. The thing is that why me? Why can't others take the spot? They are more knowledgeable about this IP thing...nonetheless I became the leader of our group. Well, There's time for anyone.

Three Unsung Heroes of Jade.

Juniors, are the most critical stage in High School, because they are entering a new way of dealing life or turning from childhood ways to a mature and discipline environment.

That is me at the bottom, Hopeless. During our Jade retreat at MGM Resort in Dologon.

I never thought i was cuter back then.

I don't think that he was hit.

Seniors: 4th year

As the year go by,Time has flown to far. Seniors, our time being a high school student has commenced. The sweet memories that had been cherished and undiminished thoughts of fun. I, was chosen to be in the Emerald headed by our adviser, Sir Henry Floreno.
I never thought that time would take so fast, we were just nominating and cast our ballots in our election or posting up officers in our classroom. Fortunately, I got a spot. and that spot is VP-Social. Well, I remember in my junior that I was the VP-Rel. Changing Shifts. During these years, I've spent my senior year as the best and worst habits or attitude toward the subject matter especially, Math. I got 75 in my 2nd Grading. But I revived it my good study habits so I passed all my subjects.

And in these years, I found a hobby and that is layout designing. Never thought that I could get a medal in Best in Computer Layouting. That was so simple. No Photoshop or other artwork programs just MS Paint. Can't you believe it? *laughs.

Practice makes perfect on arranging ourselves.

The Jabberjays.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Step Closer...

Taking up Nursing is not an easy task. I have few options while I was in high school on what to take in College. The dizziness in my head took me off crazy...because i have three options. First, Nursing. I have a feeling that I will be soon-to-be-a-NURSE. As you did not know, my family there are already 5 nurses that includes my father, which it is his second course. Anyway, why take up Nursing? I think that is in my gene, I guess. yeah hopefully. Next, my choice of becoming pro is Geologist/Historian/Doctor... whatever... in this field i have a feeling... that could be my second course also.

Fresh from Graduate. Hard to deal with new school, friends, classmates. as well as teachers.
Got to deal a new obstacle.
Got to go!
Have a nice day ahead.
I Have a midterm tommorow!

See ya!